About us

Our priority is to deliver first class client service

Calculated (Formerly The Property Hub Tax) was established in 2017 and today, we continue to build on our enviable reputation for providing excellent advice and first class service to our business and personal clients alike.

We are property tax specialists and take the time to understand your goals and develop the right long-term strategy.

We believe you need to understand the advice you’re being given – and that tax planning should be a conversation, not a once-a-year event.

We've developed business models which ensure you can spend less time buried in paperwork, and more time thinking about what matters.

Not like any other accountant…

  1. We can do all your data entry and record-keeping – you got into this to be an investor, not a bookkeeper, so we take all the boring bits off your hands.
  2. To make planning easier, you can request a snapshot of your portfolio at 6 monthly intervals.
  3. Education isn’t optional. Just because we’re taking care of your tax doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand why we’re making certain recommendations. We draw on our experience from specialising with property investors to highlight everything you need to know.
  4. We use an app to allow you to send in your expenses.

What you get

No extras, no surprises:
Everything we think you’ll need will be included in your individual proposal.

Build your tax knowledge

We’re here to help you understand the ‘what-ifs’
Considering a new purchase? Wondering about selling or something that’s got you thinking? Whenever you have a tax question, drop us an email or give us a call.

Hand over the boring bits

Pain-free expenses claims
Throw away your shoebox of receipts! We’ll give you a free app so you just need to take a photo of each receipt, or forward any you receive by email – and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll take care of the taxman for you

All HMRC communications.
We’ll become your authorised tax agent, so HMRC will write to us instead of you – and we’ll be able to deal with most things on your behalf.
Financial statements
We’ll prepare the annual financial statements for your business – after claiming every possible allowance to reduce your tax bill, of course!
All your filings
Despite our best efforts, there will probably be some tax to pay! We’ll make all necessary filings based on your structure – including self-assessment, company or partnership tax returns, and your confirmation statement.

Specialist Property Tax Consultants

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